Spin and Win

Old people drive me crazy.

Wait, lemme rephrase that. That might have been a *tad* harsh . . . .

It drives me crazy when those who are older than me say, “Back in my day . . .” and continue on with some mundane story about how they use to have it so much worse than I do now. Then they go on to say that life nowadays is too easy, everything is at the tip of my fingertips. They like to bring up typewriters and card catalogs and having to walk uphill both ways in the snow. They like to remind me that they had it worse than me, and, for some reason, they seemingly want me to have it worse too.


I can’t believe that I had to go complete islands to earn credits when kids these days can just use the Spin and Win Wheel on the Home Island.

I, personally, have a hard time being a fan of the Spin and Win. “Why?” you ask among your hundreds of credits that earned by simply pushing a button, so aptly named “spin.” Perhaps you already know the reason based on my sarcastic tone.

The truth is, I’m exactly like those old people who complain about “kids these days.” I remember starting from zero and playing island after island to earn my credits, anxiously anticipating the next opportunity to be able to cash them in for that cool special effect I had my eye on.

But at the same time, I know I would have much rather have had this wheel “back in my day” than spent my time focusing on the credits instead of the substance of the islands themselves.

Now get off my lawn!

Islands of the Month: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

After a long string of what I personally consider ever-so-desperate moves to stay relevant in this fast-changing world, there is a light beaming at the end of the tunnel. And that light is the Islands of the Month. This new feature promises first-time players 500 credits and repeat players 300 credits to complete a select set of islands. This month, for example, is Arabian Nights and Time Tangled.

Islands of the Month are really a win-win for Poptropica and Poptropicans; it allows the promotion of underappreciated islands while giving Poptropicans the chance to earn additional credits, especially useful for regulars who have already completed all the islands.

Really, my only concern is that this could be temporary. When Poptropica begins to create islands again (Poptropica 2?!?) I worry this feature will be replaced with the new islands, that this is essentially just a way to keep us interested while they get to that next step. (As long as they don’t bring episodes back, am I right?)

I suppose I simply must hope this light at the end of the tunnel is the daylight of tomorrow’s Poptropica and not a train.

Please feel free to comment – even if you don’t agree with me! Trust me, I can take it. Really, I can. Well, maybe . . . now I don’t know. I probably can. We’ll see.

Demo For Non-Members

It all started with Nabooti.

As islands were updated one-by-one to meet the new format, Nabooti became the first member-only island.

Now, I have to be honest, when it was just Nabooti, I didn’t mind. Nabooti has never been one of my favorite islands, so not being to experience it again didn’t bother me. But once Charlie And The Chocolate Factory got involved, well, that’s when I really felt the effects of this new policy.

Since I had already completed the island when it was available to everyone, I figured that the member-only factor didn’t apply to me. But as I tried to “mind the drop,” I learned that “Mr. Willy Wonka’s Amazing Factory Is Only Open To Poptropica Members.” Um…didn’t I save your factory Mr. Willy Wonka?

Final Verdict: There are plenty of Poptropicans who are unable to be members for a multitude of reasons. This wonderfully wacky virtual world should be a one-for-all, not an all-for-one. Poptropica needs to make all islands available to all members, but at the very least, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory!

The Poptropolis Games: A Gold Review

In honor of the Rio Olympics, I have decided to give my humble opinion on Poptropica’s 27th and 36th island: Poptropolis Games.

First and foremost, I believe that one of the best things about The Games is the ability to choose your tribe. Not only is it fun to be able to represent and take pride in your choice, but teams are also an essential of the actual Olympics. And after you choose, you can join your tribes common room to “Battle, Chat, And Friend Other Members Of Your Tribe,” according to Poptropica.com.

Another perk of Poptropolis Games Island is the games themselves. Some of them can be really entertaining to play. From long jump to diving, it’s a great opportunity to explore athletic events you may not normally have the chance to participate in.

One of the downfalls to this island, however, is exactly what I just described. You have to compete in all of the events. That makes us Poptropicans better all-around athletes than even Ashton Eaton! It also means that we have to endure and compete in the events that don’t really pique our interest. And that can make it harder to stay focused and win the medallion.

But at the end of the day, if you can use Bolt-like focus, Biles-like confidence, and Phelps-like determination, Poptropolis Games Island is an entertaining adventure to fuel your quest for gold!

To see which tribe I belong to, see my post “Who Is Happy Hippo?”.

What do you think of the Poptropolis Games? Which tribe are you a proud member of? Share in the comments!

The End of an Era: Poptropica Blogs

As the popularity of Poptropica soars, the popularity of Poptropica blogs seems to be dwindling. Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of us Poptropicans detailing our journeys on the world wide web, however, our visitors seem to be becoming fewer and farther between.

One reason that stands out to me is that the Poptropica website currently has a link to their own cheats and walkthroughs. When I first embarked on my Poptropica journey, cheats and walkthroughs were an underground system. Well, “underground system” may be a bit of an overstatement, but they were certainly a lot harder to find -and make- than they are now.

Remember good ol’ Thinknoodles? The absolute go to for walkthroughs way back when? His walkthrough of Escape From Pelican Rock has received 773,540 views as of today. Not a measly amount by any means. However, his video for Zomberry has reached almost 2 million!

Of course, there are varying degrees of difficulty for each island, and Zomberry has certainly been out a lot longer than Escape From Pelican Rock. But my point remains the same: Poptropica blogs are a dwindling legacy of creative, driven, albeit single-minded, Poptropicans whose focus is the ever-changing, ever-growing world of Poptropica.

Agree with me? Think I am totally, 100%, completely wrong? Tell me in the comments! Or don’t. It’s your life, after all.

Fun Fact!

The word blog comes from web+log.*

*http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/blog <- (Oooh citations. Fancy.)

Poptropica App

When I learned that there was a Poptropica app, I was beyond excited. Being able to play Poptropica on a smartphone in today’s technology-centered world? Sign me up!

Or don’t.

You can imagine my disappointment when, after downloading the app, I discovered that I would need to create a new character. That means I would have to start from scratch. No costumes, no friends, and no medallions. How about No Thanks!

While I do understand the appeal to new players on-the-go, for veterans looking to switch over, it just doesn’t make the cut. And as a girl looking to someday pass on my account to my own kids (yes, I’m serious,) there was no way I was ready to abandon Happy Hippo.

So what do you think? Should the app allow players to use their veteran Poptropican? Is this just another scheme by the creators to get more money? Or does this Poptropica addition really knock your socks off? Let me know in the comments!




Growing Pains: Is Poptropica getting too big too fast?

When did you join Poptropica?

2007, when it first started out? Just this year? Or perhaps somewhere in between?

I joined in in 2009, when there were only nine islands. Back then, I took my time enjoying each one and accepting my medallion and 100 credits. This was a time before member-only gold cards, 50 credits for non-member, bonus quests (ugh – remember those?!) and episodes. This was a simpler time.

Unfortunately that simple time is long gone, and now what lays ahead is a new, vast and unpredictable frontier. Now it seems every month there’s a new island. At first, I was excited, what Poptropican wasn’t? We were finally getting new islands at a faster rate than ever before! But then one day, I logged out of Poptropica and didn’t log in again for a very long time.

Well, maybe “a very long time” is a bit of an overstatement, since it was only six months, but my point remains the same. When I logged back in, after only half a year, I was overwhelmed by the amount of new islands. I mean, I was actually stressed about having to finish all of them. I can’t imagine being a new member in 2015. Feeling the stress of having to complete over fourty islands? No thanks! I’d log out and never log in again.

(Old grandpa voice) Back in my day you had to wait to get a new island! Now, as soon as you finish one, a new one’s out! Where’s the boredom of having no new islands?! Where’s the anticipation of getting to play the demo?! Where’s the excitement of finally getting to play all of it?!

So what do you think? Is Poptropica getting too big, too fast? Tell me in the comments!

Monster Carnival: Worth the wait?

Monster Carnival is one of my favorite islands, the setting, the characters, the mystery . . . an all around really good island. But as much as I like it, I have to ask myself: Was it worth the wait?

The island was originally supposed to come out in 2008, it even appeared on the map, but one day it simply disappeared. This strange incidence sparked many theories from Poptropicans. Why was this island removed? Did the creators simply loose steam, or was something more sinister going on? Islands don’t just disappear from maps, after all. It hadn’t happened before Monster Carnival, and it has yet to happen again.

A petition made it’s way around the Poptropica world a few years after Monster Carnival vanished, simply stating that Poptropicans wanted the island back. By the time I electronically “signed” it, there were already hundreds of signatures, and hundreds of comments.

The comments section was filled with ideas on why the island vanished. Some were preposterous: “The characters on the island came to life and took over Monster Carnival. The creators had no choice, they HAD to destroy it.” And some were a bit more realistic: “The creators got carried away. They wanted it to be scary, but they made it TOO scary. Way too scary, especially for kids.” Still, the real reason remained a mystery.

Suddenly, as quickly as it had vanished, the island made a surprising comeback in 2014. The reason as to why it was removed for five years? The creators bit off more than they could chew. Yep, that’s it. They ran out of time. They lost steam. No secrets, no surprises.

So what do you think? Was Monster Carnival worth the wait? Tell me in the comments!

Style (girls)

Looking for a cute new outfit to show off on Poptropica? Well PopTrop50 has you covered!

1)Cool Weather Casual


Lips: First scene in Mystery Train. In front of the common room, the girl in the yellow dress.

Hair: Vampire Girl  (from the store). Bangs: The second girl to the left in Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology Island.

The shirt: Customized from the guy on Cryptids main street, to the right of the blimp.

The scarf: From Arabian Nights. The girl at the very end of episode three, wearing all purple. 

The pants: From the Gamer Girl outfit in the Poptropica store, but any black or gray pants will look ~fabulous~.

2) Ice Cool

Displaying 20160829_130646_resized.jpg

Shirt: The Southern Belle outfit from the Poptropica store. You could add the hat, but like I said, I don’t really change my hair.

Pants: From Virus Hunter Island, Scifi Doctor (Limited Edition). I like the white pants with this outfit, but it’s actually quite hard to find any white pants on Poptropica. So if you don’t have the Scifi Doctor card, I would recommend black pants with this look.

3) Fab Grad

Displaying 20160829_130127_resized.jpg

description coming soon

4) Chic Geek


description coming soon 

Friend me on Poptropica to see my latest look! Surina17